Preparing for Hurricane Florence

SVN Alliance Asset & Property Management is following its emergency preparedness process in preparation for the possibility of Hurricane Florence affecting the Carolinas. 
As we prepare for the possibility of hurricane type weather, we encourage our tenants review the following information relative to your premises.
Suggestions for preparing your premises for a severe storm:
• Close all window blinds
• Move sensitive equipment, supplies, paperwork, etc. away from windows and off of the floor around the perimeter of the suite
• Secure all doors as you leave the property
• Fuel your generator, if applicable
• Check batteries in your UPS or other back-up systems
• Relocate all personal items including but not limited to  lawn signs, free standing signs, flags, recycling and garbage tote containers to an enclosed or interior area
Please heed warnings before, during, and after the storm and follow your local governments directions to protect yourselves, friends and family from injury or loss of life.
Following the storm’s passing, the maintenance and property management teams will tour and inspect the properties for damage. If needed, a response plan will be prepared for each property following the completion of our assessments. To report any concerns, please call our office at 704-892-5653. However, if you are unable to get through to our office, call me direct at 704-806-2130. Provide complete information regarding the issue, including your name, location, and telephone number so that we may address your needs promptly. Due to local utility service availability, we may not have access to e-mail or voicemail immediately following a storm.
Additional resources may be found at:
National Hurricane Center :
Federal Emergency Management Agency:


Thank you,
Frank M. Sproviero, CPM
SVN Alliance Asset & Property Management

Office: 704.892.5653
Mobile 704.806.2130